February Goals!

Monday, February 1, 2016

I usually do yearly goals and birthday goals (24 by 24, etc), which are awesome, but tend to be a little too long-term. This year I'm doing 5 monthly goals that help me work towards my birthday goals, but are also somewhat independent of them. 

My goals for this month are pretty straightforward! I have a pretty packed course load this term, so I'm trying to fit some fun and fitness into my daily routine. 

February Goals: 
  • 435,000 total Fitbit Steps
  • Take Aphrodite to the beach
  • Finish moving in to our new apartment!
  • Make 4 new recipes
  • Drink 100oz of water per day (I'm so bad about this!)
I'm most excited to finish getting our apartment set up! I really love our new space, and I can't wait to have everything here.